Be a BB top in my next movie??

Be a BB top in my next movie??: "So what's been happening in the world of Cristian Knox?
Well sadly very little porn filming and lots of 'paying the bills' type work. But exciting news for January. I met a sexy bottom guy (a teacher at a High school in London!!) at Hoist a month or so ago, and we got talking. He had lovely floppy hair, and looked a bit like like Jeff Palmer. He was getting fucked wearing these soccer socks (whats with the soccer socks thing at the moment?) and nothing else and looked totally kinky and hot. He said he would be open to the idea of being filmed getting gang fucked bareback by a bunch of guys. I showed him my 'Fucking Soccerboy' video and he said he wanted to be the bottom in a video like that but have more tops - maybe 10 - 15.

So the plan is to book a location in London in mid January. We know where it will probably be but that is tbc. Advertise for tops and have a couple of hours of pump and dump Mr Teacher man!! :D We will probably advertise on places like Bbrt but also on this blog. So this is a serious request now guys - if you are around in London on a sunday (possibly 16th Jan) and want to come along (face can be hooded or masked if you wish) and fuck the bottom, then get in touch. I will supply photos of the bottom to you but rest assured, he has a hot ass that loves to take cock and cum! Spread the word round and send an email if you are SERIOUS about being on camera fucking this hot bottom. There is no payment, because I will not be making any money from the video, but you should have a fun time. :) Email blondladuk@hotmail.co.uk

And now some pics to get you in the mood :D

Cristian xx


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