Enema Party

Enema Party: "
Photo from Nurse Jill
I really hate it when ma'am gets it into her mind that I need enemas.  I mean, I shit okay, usually every day and it generally comes out okay.  She never asks, she never checks.  She just decides that I need to be cleaned out.  And she likes to make a party out of it.

She invites a friend or two to come over and join in.  Erma is the one that she has come over the most.  Erma is a real heavy weight and she likes to throw that weight around, especially in my direction.  Erma likes to get enemas, too and she likes to expel them on me.  At least she only expels clean ones on me.  Actually, that isn't too bad.  It's a turn on to see her fat ass spread wide and her butt hole open up and squirt.

The other friend ma'am often invites is Lara and she's real skinny.  It's funny when they are both there, one fat, one skinny and then there's ma'am in between them, full figured, but not fat.  Erma likes me and is usually pretty nice to me, which in itself can be dangerous.  She hugs me into her fat and I can't always breathe.  When I eat her out, she squeezes her gargantuan thighs on my head.  Erma also likes to sit on my face.  Sometimes I really can't breathe and have to kick around a lot to let her know.

Lara does not like me for some reason and she always hurts me.  She likes to beat me especially on the cock and balls.  She even brings her own riding crop to use.  It's real thin and concentrates on a small area and really stings.  She beats my asshole with it, too.  She laughs if I cry out.  I try not to give her that pleasure, but she won't quit until I do.  It's really bad if Erma is sitting on my face and holding my legs up and apart while Lara hits me.  My screams aren't heard from beneath Erma's fat ass.

Lara likes to sit on my face and when she does, she always farts a lot.  I think she can fart at will.  She likes to do it right on my nose or in my mouth.  She does something to make me scream and then farts in my mouth.  And then she laughs.  Lara takes enemas, too and it's surprising how much she can take into her skinny body.  She likes to expel them on me, also.  She usually has a regular bowel movement to start with.  She holds my face in between her legs while she's doing this.  I get the full effect of the smell and sometimes I even get splashed.

Ma'am usually makes me hold the enemas in for a long time.  It sure seems like a long time.  The two guests can let them out  whenever they want.  I have to wait until ma'am gives me permission.  Lara often takes extra time on the toilet to make me wait longer.  One time I got there first and she sat right on top of me.  I spread my legs and she shit right between them.

Lara tried to fist my asshole once.  She tried real hard and it really hurt.  I'm just not that flexible.  She is.  She can stick her own fist in her asshole.  She can do a lot of stuff with her asshole.  She likes me to worship it forever.  She opens and closes it when I'm licking it and sometimes it seem like I can get in pretty deep.  I'm just afraid something is going to come out.

I hear the door bell.  I'd better go open it.  Neither one likes to be kept waiting. 

Oh shit.  It's both of them.

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